SoloPro CAST makes it


to produce your existing podcast!

Weekly Episodes

4 Episodes *

(under 25 mins.)

* Fifth episode included if release day falls five times in the calendar month

Bi-Weekly Episodes

8 Episodes *

(under 25 minutes)

* Ninth episode included if a release day falls five times in the calendar month

Starting a Podcast

Don't have a podcast yet? Ready to start one but not sure how?  No worries!  The podcast experts at SoloPro can help you get your podcast launched! 

What do we mean by "editing"?

  • Removing filler words

    Admit it!  When you are listening to a podcast or training video, or whatever, it drives you CRAZY if someone keeps saying "um...", "uh...", "you know....", "like...". 


    Our SoloPro CAST editors remove most of those words with maybe just a few left sprinkled in to make the conversation still feel "real".

  • Reducing the pressure

    Being on a podcast can be nerve-racking! Whether you are the host or the guest, there is this pressure not to mess up, say something wrong, or leave a pause while you think!  At SoloPro, we say, "Forget about it!"


    SoloPro CAST editors will take care of it.  Whether you pause for a half a second or a half of minute, it is all the same to us. We will make that space disappear.  Stumble over a sentence? No sweat!  Just start over again. Your listener's will never know!


    So, relax! Our SoloPro CAST editors have your back!

  • Balancing it out

    In nearly every interview recorded, either you are louder than the guest, or the guest is louder than you.  Our SoloPro CAST editors adjust the overall volumes to bring the loudness of you and your guest into beautiful balance.  

  • Toning you up

    No, our SoloPro CAST editors aren't personal trainers, but they will use effects and EQ to make both you and your guest sound as good as possible!

  • Tagging in

    Our SoloPro CAST editors will create a final episode file in mp3 format suitable for use with most podcast hosting companies.  They will also make sure information for key mp3 tags (if provided) are embedded right into the mp3 file!

Want to learn more about podcasting?

You can find great FREE information on podcast production in our SoloPro "Pro Tips" section.


Topics include:

  • "Starting a Podcast"
  • "Grabbing Your Gear"
  • "Intro and Outro"
  • "Recording Techniques"
  • "Editing Your Podcast"
  • "Podcast Hosting"