Ready to launch? SoloPro CAST makes it


to get your podcast off to a strong start!

Launch Package

Consultation Call

 (30 minute call to discuss your format and intro and outro options)

Custom Into and Outro

 (including music and professional voiceover *)

1 Introductory Episode (under 10 min.)

5 Regular Episodes (under 25 minutes)


* Professional voiceover services provided by SoloPro VOICE

Ongoing Editing

SoloPro can continue to be your podcast partner even after you launch!

How to launch your podcast

​(and how we help you get it done)

  • Plan your format

    Podcasts need a consistent format that your audience can count on. The podcasting experts at SoloPro can help you find the most effective format to achieve the results you desire for your podcast.

  • Create a Professional Intro and Outro

    Most successful podcasts open with a professional intro and close with a professional outro.  At SoloPro, we can help you decide what to say in your intro and outro, help to find the right music, and even get one of our SoloPro VOICE artists to record it if you would like. Then we put the whole thing together with a nice professional sound.

  • Record an Introductory Episode

    Standard practice in the podcasting world is to make your very first episode a short episode explaining who you are and what you intend for the podcast. This introductory episode is included in our SoloPro CAST Launch Package.

  • Add Two More

    Due to some quirks in how podcast directories rate podcasts, it is always good practice to launch with three episodes on Day 1.  Your introductory episode is one. Then you need to record two more episodes typical for your planned format.  Episodes 2 and 3 are included in the SoloPro CAST Launch Package.

  • Keep Up the Momentum

    Launching is just the start. You need to keep the momentum going.  With that in mind, our SoloPro CAST Launch Package includes three more regular episodes so that you can round out an entire month's worth of content. on this schedule:

    • LAUNCH!
      • Introductory Episode
      • Episode 2
      • Episode 3
    • Week 2 - Episode 4
    • Week 3 - Episode 5
    • Week 4 - Episode 6
  • Be Consistent

    Consistency is KEY in podcasting.  If you don't set a schedule and stick to it, your audience may drop your podcast.  We have made it easy up until this point. Why stop now? SoloPro CAST offers editing packages for as little as less than $320/month! *


    *  For annual plan including weekly episodes under 25 minutes/episode.



Want to learn more about podcasting?

You can find great FREE information on podcast production in our SoloPro "Pro Tips" section.


Topics include:

  • "Starting a Podcast"
  • "Grabbing Your Gear"
  • "Intro and Outro"
  • "Recording Techniques"
  • "Editing Your Podcast"
  • "Podcast Hosting"